Tournament procedures
We play by the PDGA rules. There will be NO 2-meter out-of-bounds rule in effect for this tournament.

2 minutes ahead of the start of rounds 1 and 2 there will be repeated horn signals. No practice throws are allowed after these signals. The actual round start is announced by a long horn signal. It is not allowed to start until the signal has sounded.

We ask that you respect the 30 second rule (§804.01 in the PDGA rules) and the 3 minute rule (§804.05A in the PDGA rules), so that we will be able to stay on schedule.

If the tournament has to be temporarily delayed, for example in case of a thunderstorm, this will be signaled with repeated long signals.

The first player in each group is responsible for the group's scorecards. This includes making sure that the scorecards are taken with the group on the round and that the scorecards are returned to the TOURNAMENT TENT after the round, so that the staff can start processing the results. Note: It is important that you return the scorecards as soon as possible after it is signed by all players.

The scorecards should be picked up at the times mentioned in the schedule from the leaderboard at the tournament center. There will be NO announcements of scorecards at the players meetings or other times before the rounds.
Please review all scoring procedures in the rules (§805.02) to prevent incorrect scorecards and the resulting penalty throws.

Processing of scores during rounds
In order to be able to do "live scoring", scores need to be processed by the scoring staff after every 3 holes.

This means:

  • when you have played holes 7, 13 and 16 you need to pass the scorecards to the scoring staff in the scoring tent (on the top of the hill), who will process your scores and return the scorecards to you
  • when you have played hole 10 there will be a staff member processing your scorecards right by the path between hole 10 and 11, when you have crossed hole 9's fairway
  • when you have played holes 1 and 4 you need to pass the scorecards to the scoring staff in the main tournament tent, who will process your scores and return the scorecards to you

Please review all scoring procedures in the rules (§805.02) to prevent incorrect scorecards and the resulting penalty throws.

All tee signs are rectangular and marked with: Copenhagen Open logo, hole number, distance, par.
Please note that some of the holes for the tournament are different from the permanent course to satisfy the demands of pro touring players.

It is ALWAYS the big Copenhagen Open tee sign that is in effect - not the smaller circular signs on the wooden tee poles.

Like the last couple of years we have a tee pad as the tee, and therefore the players need to release the disc inside the tee pad according to §800.02 -> Teeing Area in the PDGA rules. There will be artificial grass mats on all 18 holes (measuring 2x4 meters).

On certain holes there will be spotters to prevent lost discs and to check on blind holes and for OB's (and mandatories).
Please note: The spotters have no "official-status" regarding OB-decisions and rules.
This means that the groups have to make their own calls on OB's (remember to play provisional throws and note two scores for the player if the group is in doubt).
The spotters will try to mark, where the discs cross OB though - to their best knowledge. No discussion with the spotters regarding any calls are allowed!

There will be a common "Pick-up Doubles" tournament on Friday 22/9-2017 from 13:30. Register and pay at the tournament tent, get a scorecard, find another pair to play with and play 18 holes "Best shot" - beginning from hole 1. The fee for Doubles is 100 DKK per pair, all of which will go to the doubles prize money. There will be an Open division and a Mix division.
Please hand in the scorecards right after your round AT THE TOURNAMENT TENT. Last tee-off is on 15:30, since there is also a qualification tournament going on - they reach hole 1at 15:40!

Tournament tent
The tournament center is located at the TENT ON THE COURSE.
Everything from players meeting, handing out scorecards, and a kiosk/disc sale shop to lunches and the prize ceremony will take place here.
The tournament tent will have an information board with all changes/updates regarding the tournament.

On-site tournament registration
No on-site registration is needed prior to the tournament, but please pick up your players package when you arrive (not earlier than 12.00 on Friday 22/9-2017 though). Also remember that the players meeting is mandatory please.

The results and groupings will continuously be updated on the magnetic and on-line leaderboard and, if necessary, printed out. This website will inform about links to PDGA results and ratings in the evening following each day's play.

Warm up/practice
The full course will be up on Friday 22/9-2017 at 12:00 (probably before).

Note though, that there will be Doubles on Friday 22/9-2017 between 13:30 and 19:30, so please respect this and give these players room to play. There will be plenty of room close to the tournament tent to practice .

Drinking water and toilets
There will be drinking water containers at the tournament tent and in the scoring tent on the top of the hill.
There are two toilets close to the tournament tent (here drinking water can also be tapped from the sinks).

Disc Connection will be selling discs and other merchandise during the tournament at the tournament tent. We urge all players to support this dedicated Danish disc selling company, which has done a lot to support the sport in a small market.

We also urge you all to buy tournament related merchandise in the tournament tent kiosk to support the tournament and prevent a deficit for the host club, putting up the tournament.

Sudden deaths
Sudden deaths are played to resolve ties for trophy candidates in all divisions and possible split first places. Sudden deaths are played on holes 1-10-18 until a winner is found. For trophies, there is CTP on hole 10 though, if a winner is not found after the first three holes.

Hole-in-one and Closest-to-pin
- HIO is awarded during all rounds. All HIO will receive sponsored merchandise prizes.
- CTP is played during the 2 Saturday rounds on hole 12. There will be a separate CTP competition for the Open division and one separate for the Other divisions (all the "Other" divisions together).
- The two winners will receive sponsored merchandise. If a hole-in-one is made on the CTP hole, it will count as a hole-in-one, and not as a CTP. You will therefore get the prize for the hole-in-one instead.

Prizes for ALL hole-in-ones and closest-to-pin will be distributed at the prize ceremony after the tournament!

Dress code
At Copenhagen Open Classic 2017 - presented by DGA we follow the dress code as stated in the PDGA Competition Manual item 3.4. Here are the most important points:
  • All violations of the Dress Code Policy shall be considered a Courtesy Violation under Section 801.01 of the PDGA Official Rules of Play.
  • All competitors and staff are required to wear a shirt.
  • All competitors, caddies, and staff are required to wear shoes or other foot coverings. Players will not be allowed to play in bare feet. Sandals or slides are allowed.
  • All players must wear a shirt covering their upper chest area. A well-tailored shirt with a collar and sleeves covering the upper arm shall be considered acceptable. Tank tops are not allowed for any competitor, but women may wear sleeveless shirts with collars. Women may also wear well-tailored one-piece tennis dresses with minimum 1 inch wide shoulder straps.
  • No tee shirts will be allowed, except for competitors in the Junior and Amateur divisions during preliminary rounds only. Juniors and Amateurs shall not wear tee shirts during the last round. Crew neck or v-neck shirts made of high-performance or high-tech materials, such as Dry-Fit, Cool-Max, and others will be allowed.
  • No ripped shirts, shorts, or pants will be allowed on the course. This includes unhemmed, torn or cut "vents" at the shirt collar.

Tournament Director, webmaster, course design: Sinus Frank, - phone: +45 26 15 68 19.
Assistant Tournament Director, economy, prizes, co-planner: Morten Ivø.
Beverages, food/snacks/fruit, merchandise, co-planner: Søren Ivø.
Scorecards, accomodation manager, printing, co-planner: Carsten Jørgensen.
Course manager, co-planner: Jeppe Ask Sørensen.
Printing: John Madsen.
Assisting course designers: Karl Johan Nybo, Christian Rehder and Jeppe Ask Sørensen.
Course map, tee signs: Christian Skriver.

Important phone numbers
Hotel Scandic: +45 36 86 04 00
Taxi: +45 35 35 35 35 or +45 70 25 25 25
Emergency: 112
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