The course is varied and very challenging featuring both long, open, and narrow holes. The par for the course is 64 with a total length of 2492 meters. There are nine par 3 holes, eight par 4, and one par 5 with an average hole length of 138 meters.



All holes follow the normal OB (out-of-bounds) rules, with the exception of hole 5 (see below). Please consult the tee signs at each hole to be informed of the location of OB areas.

Note: the cobble stones between the grass and the road on the right-hand side of hole 14 and on the left-hand side of holes 12 and 13 are inbounds — the road itself (and beyond) is OB.

Hole 5

This hole plays as an island hole, meaning that your tee shot must land within the demarcated bounds of the island. If it does not, the next shot — the third shot (tee shot + penalty stroke) — must be taken from the drop zone. Any other out-of-bounds shots (other than the tee shot) fall under the normal OB rules.


There are mandatories on holes 1, 4, 8, 10 and 14. There will be clearly marked arrows on the respective trees, mandatory lines on the grass, and drop zones on hole 1, 8, 10 and 14. On hole 4 the dropzone for the mandatory is the tee (hence a missed mandatory is a re-tee).